Do I Have a Pantyhose Fetish?

Many people with a love of pantyhose have their own unique twisted sense of humor. This type of appreciation comes from being a pantyhose fetishist. Which is exactly what you are if you have an intense love of pantyhose and related clothing. Pantyhose fetishes are usually defined as a sexual obsession. One person happens to like the way certain types of undergarments make their legs look or feel. There are many different types of pantyhose fetish, but probably the most well-known is the fetish for sheerness, especially when it comes to pantyhose and stockings. Other common fetishes include cross-dressing. Or maybe wearing various costumes for fun, and enjoying the feeling of being helplessly trapped. While another person takes their top off. Some people also find great joy in wearing thongs for women and men. Although these fetishes are normally less intense and hold no sexual benefits.

People who have a pantyhose fetish tend to become sexually excited whenever they see another person wearing pantyhose. Or even wearing similar undergarments that have garter belts attached to them. They can also become excited when wearing thongs for women or men. With the added incentive of seeing it off of their own body.

Pantyhose Fetish

Many people have no interest in having actual sex

Many people who have these fetishes for pantyhose have no interest in having actual sex. But they are just as turned on when watching someone else get off of a stage or on a screen. In fact, some people get kinky and choose to perform fetish acts on each other. Such as impersonating other characters from cartoon shows, anime, movies, or video games. Some people may even choose to cross-dress as women or men, sometimes dressing up in lingerie or sexy costumes. Sometimes only to see how the other person reacts. While this type of behavior may seem harmless to some, others do not find this behavior to be as fun. Or harmless.

Attracted to younger women

Many people who participate in a pantyhose fetish find themselves attracted to younger women and men. They love watching woman wearing pantyhose and fantasize about being able to steal the suit and do a little blackmail. Young women especially enjoy wearing it around the house and fantasizing about her baby girl or boy wearing it one day. It makes the idea of dressing up as a cute girl a reality for them and gives them a sense of security. Some young girls love to imagine that they will one day walk on their man’s legs, wearing little boy pantyhose and thinking about having sexual intercourse with him.

Because some people view fetish behaviors as harmless, there are still others out there who would prefer not to be aroused while watching others wear pantyhose and other costumes. They think it is sick and wrong. They feel it is a way for someone to degrade another person. It is a strange belief, but it does exist and those who are deeply aroused by it can become very disturbed when others take it upon themselves to tell them that they can not act that way.

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Good way to prove that you have a pantyhose fetish

For those people out there who cannot get over their arousal and can not wait for someone to wear a suit and tease them, there are options for you. You can wear a suit yourself and fantasize about being teased by everyone while wearing a pair of pantyhose. This is a great option for people who are not able to cross their legs, bend over, or wear any other fetish gear. You can still wear your sexiest lingerie, but only if you can prove to yourself that it would not be offensive to anyone else. Of course, this is not a good way to prove that you have a pantyhose fetish because you could get in trouble.

It is important that you know that there are people out there who are into all sorts of fetishes, including foot fetish. It is possible to cross over and be involved in something that is not taboo to you. In fact, many people find that it turns them on to see people wearing erotic lingerie and to see others taking pleasure in the fact that you are wearing such undergarments. If you want to enjoy wearing a pantyhose fetish costume as much as others do, there are options available for you, including wearing stockings with or without pantyhose underneath.

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